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find electromagnetic terrain conductivity meters for measuring apparent soil conductivities or magnetic susceptibility. The frequency domain electromagnetic equipment can help map variations in geology or detect buried metal. For much greater depths, rent Geonics time domain instruments to characterize the geology or hdyrogeology. An EM-61 is a TDEM instrument designed to locate buried metal. Data loggers like Juniper systems Allegro, Archer, or Pro4000 are easily integrated with the Geonics instruments. In addition, a digital global positioning system DGPS can be added for real time positioning. Real time corrections are provided to correct the more common GPS signal. A DGPS receiver from Hemisphere is expected to have 0.6 meter accuracy 95% of the time. Many  DGPS systems offer sub-meter accuracy 95% of the time. When you rent Geonics equipment and add DGPS, an instrument operator can use the DGPS receiver to establish grid systems or track random paths. Under extreme conditions, sub-centimeter accuracy can be used for more accurate ground control; however, this is not needed very often for most geophysical surveys. Do not forget, a transit or a tape measure can often provide the ground control needed.

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Rent Geonics EM61
Rent Geonics EM61

to rent Geonics EM-31, EM-34, EM-61, or EM-38’s. At the bottom of the page is a place to leave a comment. If you do not want to leave a comment, a person can leave a short note after answering a few basic questions on the home page. However, one does need to leave some way for us to respond, (e.g. email address or telephone number). Otherwise, there is no way to respond. Of course, the last option, which is often the best, is to call or go to The telephone number is listed below for Texas and Wisconsin. Additional information about engineering geophysics can be found at

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